TNTINW: Evan’s Brothers Coffee

TNT was hosted at Evan’s Brothers Coffee July 26, continuing its tour around the region. The festivities included a brew and latte art competition.
Here are the results:

Here are the Brewer’s Cup champions (L to R): Daniel, Nick, Young.

Brewer’s Cup:

1st: Daniel from Evan’s Brothers

2nd: Nick from Coeur Coffee

3rd: Young from Doma Coffee

The winning pour from Daniel during the latte art competition.

Latte Art:

1st: Daniel from Evan’s Brothers

2nd: Nick from Coeur Coffee

3rd: Jeff from Independent

Join us next month for TNTINW at the Barracuda Coffee Company August 23 at 6:30 p.m.

TNTINW: Round three

TNTINW will be held at DOMA Coffee Roasting Company’s headquarters in Post Falls, Idaho Thursday, June 21, at 6 p.m.  This month’s competition will include latte art, as well as a USBC Brewer’s Cup manual brewing competition. 

TNT demonstrates the coming together of community through competition amongst those who are not even regularly making coffee. Sam McGhee, a graphic designer, won the Aeropress competition last month, showing that this event is not narrowed to strictly baristas. With that being said, come join us for some fun, friendly competition as well as free drinks.

TNTINW: Second competition names Nelson and McGhee as winners

Ian Nelson defeated returning champion Keaton Violet in latte art at TNTINW May 24, hosted by Indaba Coffee.

Indaba Coffee hosted its second TNTINW May 24, bringing in over 50 people to watch the throwdown. 16 people competed in both latte art and the AeroPress competition, with two winners overall: Ian Nelson and Sam McGhee.

Nelson defeated returning champion Keaton Violet in the latte art competition, while McGhee won the AeroPress competition.

Come join us for the next TNTINW that will be held Thursday, June 21, at DOMA coffee roasting company in Post Falls, ID.

TNT AeroPress

Competitors prepare for the AeroPress competition.

Sam McGhee was named as the TNTINW AeroPress champion May 24.

Latte art top three competitors: Ian Nelson, Keaton Violet and Bobby Enslow.

TNTINW: Round two

Indaba Coffee will host its second Thursday Night Throwdown (TNT) on May 24, where last month’s champion and Spokane native, Keaton Violet, will defend his title against various baristas and coffee professionals around the area.

Hitting the Spokane area last month, TNT drew a larger crowd than Seattle’s first TNT in July of last year. Overall, TNT has snowballed into a national following, now occurring in multiple cities nationwide.

TNTINW was started by Aaron Monheim and Bobby Enslow by taking the idea of TNT and putting their own slant on it, trying to incorporate a new level of camraderie amongst baristas.

Come support your fellow community members by attending TNT tomorrow night at Indaba Coffee, located at 1425 W. Broadway.